Why the site?

Ok, so here’s the long-winded version (vs. the shorter one in About).

We talk about fitness a lot, we work out a lot, and we found ourselves discussing the same things with different groups of people. We’d have co-workers asking about lifting programs, then at a Bible study later we’d end up talking about the same thing!

Were were trying different workouts, exercises, programs, methodologies… we would try almost anything to see if it was accurate, and if it helped with whatever it was supposed to. Sometime it was strength, sometimes fat loss, sometimes energy. The key is that Jo and I did it all together, and we talked in detail about our experiences with each thing, whether it was nutrition, workout, or supplement-related.

As we learned and researched more we found that people were asking us more questions as well. “What is the latest research on –?” “What’s with the ‘fat-burning zone’?” Since we were so interested in it ourselves, we naturally enjoyed reading about it, following Muscle & Fitness and ACSM magazines, constantly reading up on new information online, and consuming whatever new data we could get.

Lots of Conflicts
The interesting thing is this: as we researched, we found conflicting or half-reported information. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s right, and just because it is old, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. By the same token, old can also mean outdated. We also found ‘studies’ that used samples of 6 or 10 (no, that’s not sufficient) people being reported to the unsuspecting public. We found too often that reports conflicted, and cases where the reported results weren’t in context (Alwyn Cosgrove does a great job talking about this with the so-called “Fat-Burning Zone” here and his wife Rachel discusses it here).

The only way to determine the truth is to take all of the information, the reports, the studies, the logic, fuse it all together and pull from that the meat. As I heard kung fu master Jim Tuten say several times at a conference, “Eat the whole chicken, but spit out the bones.”

Regular People Trying Things and Reporting on Them
We believe we can do that. Our intent is not to give medical advice. We aren’t qualified for that. We are qualified to read reports and studies and make determinations based on that information. We take in information and try to make sense of it. Usually, before we say anything to anyone about it, we try whatever it is. Whether it’s a diet, an exercise, a program, or whatever, if it doesn’t work (or at least didn’t work for us) then the most it will be used for here is as a bad example. Sometimes other ideas may show up here, but at the least they will be logically sound.

We’ll do our best to provide backup to what we say, too. I don’t like reading something that makes a statement without references. As much as possible, we’ll include references to the studies, books, or web sites that we obtain our information from.

As for reviews, we review what we’ve used. Sure, you can check Amazon and other places on the web for more reviews; please do! But if you read our articles, get to know us, and come to trust what we’ve got to say, then you will have more faith in our reviews because you’ll learn how we think.

A Word on Product Advertising
On a related side note, you will find some advertisements here and there, such as on review pages. We didn’t decide to put this site up to make money, but visiting our advertisers will help us to maintain the site. If a product is here, we’ve specifically chosen that product; it’s not automatically sent from some random system, and it has been or will be reviewed at some point. We will never post a product for sale on this site that we don’t believe in. If we post a review for a product that we felt wasn’t good, there won’t be a link to it. Really want to buy it? Get it from someplace else. Our job as far as that goes is to offer items that we believe in.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Look around, read some articles, and let us know what you think. Good luck, and Live Well!