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Namaste FAQ

Namaste FAQ

Where did you stay? The first time we went Jess and I stayed at the Wyndham Hotel in Durango. It was about 7 minutes from Namaste. This definitely made travel to and from the clinic simple. The second time Jess went with her husband and kids they stayed at the Durango Mountain Resort about 30 minutes away. There are a variety of places to stay outside of the city but some to the North in particular may become difficult to reach in the winter as roads may be closed. Namaste has a suggested list of places listed at the end of this FAQ. A lot of people use Air B&B or VRBO to book lodging on a weekly or monthly basis. How did you travel? There are three main airports in the general area. Denver is the furthest at about six hours by car. Albuquerque, New Mexico is the next ...
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