In the interests of full disclosure, we want to point out that yes, in fact, there are some links here and there to products, and that we will get a certain percentage of money back from any sales that go through this site.  We have certain affiliates that we work through, notably Amazon. 

Basically, the site takes time, energy, and money to run, regardless of how much we enjoy it.  We’ve already had friends and family purchase products that we have suggested, and if a company is willing to give us a % for sending people their way (and as long as we like the company) then so be it.

We are not, however, being paid to blog, nor are we receiving any compensation whatsoever from any of the manufacturers, publishers, service providers, or any other company whose products or services might appear on this site.

In fact, we are going an additional step, in that we have no interest in promoting products that we don’t believe in, or benefiting from people trying them.  If we review a product and we don’t like it, we won’t supply a link to purchase it.  That’s it.  We will only provide links to products that we believe in.  We’ll use our best judgement for each product, but if we don’t like it, we won’t promote it just to make some affiliate percentage.

That said, some things we will promote strongly.  We LOVE the New Rules of Lifting series of books and we LOVE Budokon, so you’ll see them around the site.  If you purchase products through the affiliate links on our page, you’ll help us out, and you’ll get a product that we, at least, believe in.

Finally, we won’t have any random banners anywhere.  We can’t say that we will only promote products we like if we let other companies choose what to post on some banner ad.  Who knows what could show up there?  So if it’s on the site, whether its an ad carousel, a link, or some other form of ad link, we picked it.  Maybe someday we’ll even add a “store” link to the top of the page, but we’ll see how things go. 

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!