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Welcome to Live Well.  This site is dedicated to getting the word out on current health science and news.  We are “by the people, for the people” in a very real sense.

If you are here now, you are seeing the site in progress. We plan to be up and running fully by May, but a lot goes into this, both behind the scenes, and getting some basic content up. For now, please let us know what you think.

Above, you’ll find links to various blog categories.  We’re just starting, and we have a lot of ideas, but if there’s something you’re particularly curious about or if you have a suggestion for an improvement we can make, drop us an email or let us know over in the forums.

So that said, on to the articles!

What do we know?
or “Why listen to us?”
There are many web sites out there dedicated to health, with many trainers, physicians, specialists, and people with letters behind their names.  Why do we think we have something to offer?Check out the ‘about’ page.

Or read our detailed discussion.

About Us

Curious about the people behind this site?  Want to know a bit more about us?  Go here for some background on Matt & Jo Ann. Get to know us.Matt | Jo