SSPT is run by two of the biggest names in the powerlifting world who also happen to be two of the nicest as well. Matt Gary and Sioux-Z Hartwig-Gary have been involved in powerlifting for decades both coaching and competing. Check out the bios on their site for more details.

Matt and Sioux-Z are fitness […]

Believe Big: Face It, Fight It, Overcome It

Believe Big is an organization founded by Ivelisse and Jimmy Page after her fight with colon cancer. The organization serves to educate, connect, and support cancer patients and families as they walk through the cancer journey. The organization was invaluable to our family and serves hundreds of families each year through online resources, classes, […]

Masada Tactical

Masada Tactical – this is the real deal. Led by BK Blankenstein, a former IDF recon team member and instructor to the Maryland State Police for years, each instructor shows a love for self-defense, protection, and instilling the grit to carry on in the members. Take a look here for some details about the cadre […]