REVIEW: It Starts With Food (and ends with great results!)

Before I embarked on the strict Paleo type challenge created by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, I was super skeptical. I thought the whole Paleo thing was just another fad that would soon fade out like bell bottom jeans! I was pleasantly surprised with how addicted I became to the 30 day challenge and eating plan. It Starts […]

Simple Thai Curry

This is one of those recipes we like to go to quickly. Cook some chicken, throw in some veggies, add the curry paste and go.

You’ll have coconut milk left over. Often I don’t use a whole can of milk right away. I usually store the remainder in the fridge with a cover, and use […]

Easy marinade


Is this really going to be a recipe? Not exactly. As a first post, I thought this would be a great way to open up. Marinades are wonderful. They help deepen the flavor of your food and help to get meats tender. I talk to many people who have issues with cooking and dieting. […]