Namaste FAQ

Where did you stay?

 The first time we went Jess and I stayed at the Wyndham Hotel in Durango. It was about 7 minutes from Namaste. This definitely made travel to and from the clinic simple.

The second time Jess went with her husband and kids they stayed at the Durango Mountain Resort about 30 […]

Why Eat Organic?

Non organic apples cost on average $1.18/pound. Organic apples average $2-$4/pound depending on the variety and where they are purchased. Looking at this comparison one might wonder “are organic apples worth the extra dough?” At first glance the apples appear to be the same in value, but when we dig deeper we can clearly see […]

Believe Big: Face It, Fight It, Overcome It

Believe Big is an organization founded by Ivelisse and Jimmy Page after her fight with colon cancer. The organization serves to educate, connect, and support cancer patients and families as they walk through the cancer journey. The organization was invaluable to our family and serves hundreds of families each year through online resources, classes, […]

7 Day Sample Meal Plan – Whole30/Gerson/Anti-Cancer


Based on a blend of the Whole30, Gerson Therapy and Anti-Cancer Foods. This is a sugar free, grain free, dairy free, soy free, red meat free diet. Adjust to your daily schedule, but ensure that you are eating regularly. On workout days consider adding another small meal after your workout, and even perhaps […]

Nutrition Notes-Gerson and the Whole 9

The following rules are based on a blend of the Whole30 program (, Gerson Therapy ( and alkaline foods. These guidelines will promote an anti-cancer lifestyle, improve energy levels, weight loss, reduce or negate digestive issues, skin troubles, headaches and seasonal allergies.

“The Gerson diet is entirely organic and vegetarian. […]

Bazooka Jo is Back!

God is so incredibly faithful.

This past Saturday I competed in my first powerlifting meet in about two years. Shortly after my last competition we got the news about Jess being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I believed God would heal her miraculously, but I was devastated. I absolutely love working out, but every […]