Shoulder Surgery – Biceps Tenodesis+ – Surgery Day

Surgery day for my SLAP tear. What did I prepare, what should I have prepared, and how was the first 24 hours? […]

Shoulder Surgery – Biceps Tenodesis+ – The Lead-Up

After injuring myself with a SLAP tear in a martial arts class and doing physical therapy, then getting an arthrogram, it turned out that I needed shoulder surgery. Here’s how the process went from injury to diagnosis, to the week of surgery. […]

Get S.M.A.R.T. with your goals

It’s that time of year when people are making and breaking resolutions. The New Year always brings thoughts of change, how much better we’ll be this year, and how much more productive.

Resolutions don’t produce though. A quick Google search for a definition of ‘resolution’ finds this: “A firm decision to do or not do […]

Empty Your Cup to Fill Your Mind

There is a common story in Buddhism about a scholar who went to talk to a zen master. The scholar spends most of the time talking over the master, basically showing off. The master eventually starts pouring tea for the scholar, but doesn’t stop pouring. When the tea fills the cup and starts to overflow […]

Quick Tip – Stinky Containers

Protein shakes are a fantastic pre, post, and during workout drink. Sometimes I’ll blend a fruit smoothie or even blend eggs to scramble. If they get washed out right away, no problem. If not… 

Then no matter how much you wash it, that stink remains. It’s the putrid, disgusting scent of old protein and it […]


What is grit? Grit is the strength of mind that permits a person to withstand pain and overcome struggles. Grit is essential for every athlete. It is vital to your success to be mentally prepared. Athletics supply one of the best places to cultivate grit and determination. The most successful athlete will not always be […]


SSPT is run by two of the biggest names in the powerlifting world who also happen to be two of the nicest as well. Matt Gary and Sioux-Z Hartwig-Gary have been involved in powerlifting for decades both coaching and competing. Check out the bios on their site for more details.

Matt and Sioux-Z are fitness […]

Bazooka Jo is Back!

God is so incredibly faithful.

This past Saturday I competed in my first powerlifting meet in about two years. Shortly after my last competition we got the news about Jess being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I believed God would heal her miraculously, but I was devastated. I absolutely love working out, but every […]