About this site
This site developed out of our interests. We like to talk about fitness. And martial arts. And supplements. And yes, sometimes I like to start all my sentences with ‘and’!

That’s it though. We talk about fitness a lot, we work out a lot, and we found ourselves discussing the same things with different groups of people. We’d have co-workers asking about lifting programs, then at a Bible study later we’d end up talking about those same programs.

We’ve found a lot of conflicting information out there on the web, in books, and in ‘common knowledge’, and we’ve done a lot of research on it. Fundamentally, to us, this site is all about sharing our research and our love for health and fitness with other people.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Look around, read some articles, and let us know what you think. If you want the more detailed version, take a look over here at “Why this site?”. In the meantime, good luck, and Live Well!

This site uses WordPress. Just because we call our entries ‘articles’ doesn’t mean it’s not fundamentally a blog! 🙂 So it runs on WordPress with a few plugins.

It’s a great system. It’s themed, and we use “Atahualpa”, which is stunning and amazing. You can use it to a certain extent as a CMS systems as well. If you are thinking of blogging, do yourself a favor; look at WordPress, and check out ‘Atahualpa’ as well.