Quick Tip – Stinky Containers

Protein shakes are a fantastic pre, post, and during workout drink. Sometimes I’ll blend a fruit smoothie or even blend eggs to scramble. If they get washed out right away, no problem. If not… 

Then no matter how much you wash it, that stink remains. It’s the putrid, disgusting scent of old protein and it doesn’t go away. Ever.

Or does it? I’ve seen suggestions to use baking soda and let it sit. While this may do the job (baking soda is, after all, a great deodorizer), I think we have something better.

Vinegar. This stuff is like magic. Mix a roughly 1-1 ratio of vinegar to water in whatever container is giving you problems. Shake it up, let it sit a few minutes, shake it again, let it sit. Dump it, rinse it a few times, and the stench will be gone.

If you’ve got a bunch of gross containers you can just add a cup or so to your dishwasher, too. That’ll help take care of them all.

That’s all there is to it. One simple trick to get rid of the disgusting stink.

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