REVIEW: It Starts With Food (and ends with great results!)


Before I embarked on the strict Paleo type challenge created by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, I was super skeptical. I thought the whole Paleo thing was just another fad that would soon fade out like bell bottom jeans! I was pleasantly surprised with how addicted I became to the 30 day challenge and eating plan. It Starts With Food has now become my nutrition bible. 

 I decided to participate in the 30 day challenge from the best-selling book because I am a glutton for punishment. At first glance I thought “wow” this looks really difficult!” It was then that I decided I must try this to prove to myself I could do this. Misery loves company, so I asked my sweet husband to do the challenge with me. By day 30 we both agreed to extend the challenge because we experienced incredible results neither one of us expected.

 It Starts With Food outlines a clear nutrition plan that will allow you to transform your health. The 30 day challenge designed in the book creates a reset in your body. While following their rules you may lose weight, improve quality of life, create a healthy relationship with food, cut cravings, create an alkaline system therefore impeding disease, halt pain from inflammation, improve sleep, boost energy and mood. You may discover food sensitivities that are causing diseases or other unpleasant symptoms. 

 “The food you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. Those are your options.” – Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.

After 30 days I discovered I was not getting headaches any more. Before the challenge this was nearly a daily occurrence. I noticed I had more energy and seemed to crave salads like never before. I learned that I had some food sensitivities that were interfering with my quality of life. I felt so good and so different that I decided to make this a permanent change. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner. 

Read It Starts With Food as soon as possible because life is too precious not to be looking and feeling your best!

You can purchase it from Amazon here.

It Starts With Food
With both detailed scientific information and easy-to-understand instructions, this book packs in tons of powerful information.
Smooth relaxed style, but the amount of content can be overwhelming at times.
Conversational feel and funny anecdotes make it an easy read, and the technical discussions are broken down well so anyone can understand.
Read It Starts With Food as soon as possible because life is too precious not to be looking and feeling your best!

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