7 Day Sample Meal Plan – Whole30/Gerson/Anti-Cancer


Based on a blend of the Whole30, Gerson Therapy and Anti-Cancer Foods. This is a sugar free, grain free, dairy free, soy free, red meat free diet. Adjust to your daily schedule, but ensure that you are eating regularly. On workout days consider adding another small meal after your workout, and even perhaps an additional snack or small meal before hand. Fuel is important.


Day 1-

Breakfast-7:00am-2 Cage free organic eggs with 2 slices of nitrite/nitrate free turkey bacon and 1 cup of sliced oranges. (High in vitamin c-major cancer fighter)

Snack-10:00am-14 raw almonds and 1 medium organic apple.

Lunch-1:00pm-Plain tuna with canola based mayo (healthy alternative) on a coconut wrap with 2 cups of organic spinach and 4 ounces of a sweet potato.

Snack-4:00pm-1 scoop of free range hormone free whey protein powder with 8 ounces of unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Dinner-7:00pm-5 ounces of baked tilapia with 3 cups of broccoli. Organic mixed greens salad with oil and vinegar dressing.


Day 2-

Breakfast-7:00am-Cage free organic omelet with organic spinach and daiya pepper jack alternative cheese.

Snack-10:00am-Celery slices with almond butter.

Lunch-1:00pm-5 ounces baked chicken with asparagus.

Snack-4:00 pm-Homemade trail mixes. (Cashews, almonds, macadamia nuts and plain raisins)

Dinner-7:00pm-Vegetable crab soup.



Breakfast-7:00am-Coconut flour pancakes with organic blueberries and turkey sausage.

Snack-10:00am-Almond butter mixed with organic no sugar added jelly.

Lunch-1:00pm-Turkey burger with sliced avocado and mustard. 2 cups of organic brussels sprouts.

Snack-4:00pm-Lara bar (only made of fruit and nuts. No sweeteners)

Dinner-7:00pm-Organic greens mix, natural plain cranberries, sliced carrots, avocado, walnuts, ahi tuna, onion, organic green pepper, organic tomatoes, kale, organic spinach and Annie’s Tuscany Italian dressing.


Day 4

Breakfast-7:00am-Green Smoothie (Green veggies, organic apple, and almond milk)

Snack-10:00am-Banana with almond butter.

Lunch-1:00pm-Organic salad with baked chicken and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Snack-4:00pm-1 sweet potato with pecan slices and cinnamon.

Dinner-7:00pm-5 ounces of salmon with 2 cups of green beans and slivered almonds.


Day 5

Breakfast-7:00am- 2 Hard boiled cage free organic eggs. Pumpkin bread made of sweet potato. flour and coconut flour and walnuts.

Snack-10:00am-Paleo Hummus with baby carrots.

Lunch-1:00pm-Turkey lettuce wraps and butternut squash.

Snack-4:00pm-Pear slices with almond cheese.

Dinner-Stuffed organic green peppers with ground chicken.


Day 6

Breakfast-7:00am-Banana bread made of coconut flour and chicken sausage.

Snack-10:00am-Kale chips.

Lunch-1:00pm-Ground Turkey with spaghetti squash and organic tomato sauce.

Snack-4:00pm-Fruit salad with cinnamon. (Mix diced oranges, apples and walnuts)

Dinner-7:00pm-Salmon cakes with zucchini. (Cakes made with cage free organic eggs, 1 jalapeno pepper, coconut flour, coconut oil, sea salt and pepper)


Day 7

Breakfast-7:00am-Turkey bacon, organic green pepper and onion omelet.

Snack-10:00am-Turkey roll-ups with cucumber, tomato, grated carrot and avocado inside.

Lunch-1:00pm-Caulifour rice with Thai curry chicken. (See Matt’s special recipe on www.millertimefitness.com)

Snack-4:00pm-Pumpkin seeds

Dinner-7:00pm-Cauliflour rice with scallops, chicken sausage and Emeril bayou seasoning. (Homemade alternative jambalaya)


Recipes for some of these meals will be added to www.millertimefitness.com


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