Masada Tactical

Masada Tactical – this is the real deal. Led by BK Blankenstein, a former IDF recon team member and instructor to the Maryland State Police for years, each instructor shows a love for self-defense, protection, and instilling the grit to carry on in the members. Take a look here for some details about the cadre of instructors.

If you read our articles you know we at Live-Fit believe in integrated wellness. Masada is a training center that believes in integrated self-defense. Yes, there is hand-to-hand training, but there is also weapon training; not a kama or nunchaku but knives, sticks, and firearms. A basic firearms familiarity class is a requirement for advancing, as is a basic first aid/trauma and others later. 

Masada offers a gym with various equipment for cardio or weightlifting as well as specialized classes throughout the year focused on things such as home invasion or SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape). Masada also has protective services and healthcare divisions allowing them to meet specialized needs.

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